Monday, April 7, 2008

Keeping Company with Mary

Today at Vultus Christi I came across this beautiful reflection about how to "keep company with Mary," based on the example of Hermann Joseph, whose birthday is today. Father Mark writes that this "twelfth century Premonstratensian Canon, lived in such intimacy with the Virgin Mary that his relationship with her was compared to that of Saint Joseph, her most chaste spouse."

How? This is the part that should encourage mothers of young children. Not through grand gestures of devotion, or through prolonged periods of silent reflection ... but through the simple offerings of daily life.

"Mother Mary, I love you so much that I am going to wash off this wall without a sour look or whisper of a sigh, just as you undoubtedly did so many times."

"Mother Mary, I can't keep my three-year-old in her clothes. Please pray for her, that she will learn (before she is a teenager, please) the joy of modesty and obedience."

"Mother Mary, I'm feeling lonely today. Please lead me a little closer to the company of your Son, that I might have the graces I need to walk the hidden paths of my vocation. Amen!"