Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's a Miraculous Medal?: by Sister Mary Martha

Don't forget to check out this week's Catholic Carnival, by Melissa at "The Third Way." Great job, Melissa!

On February 17, Sister Mary Martha posted this explanation of the Miraculous Medal at her blog "Ask St. Mary Martha." It turns out that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the patron of motorcycle riders! She also has an excellent suggestion about what you should do if you have more than one of these medals (which is proportedly a self-portrait of the Blessed Virgin).

Thank you, Sister Mary Martha!

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babybreederbabe said...

I followed your link over from Sister Mary Martha's blog, which is one of my very favorites. I am another convert from Protestantism and, while I pray the Rosary, I still don't have that sort of devotion to Our Lady that Pope John Paul II had or Father Corapi urges. I am trying to "get there." So, I will add your blog to my links at my own blog/yuku page. So glad to have found you!