Friday, February 29, 2008

Mother Mary, Mother Mine: Poem by Ann Murray

With deepest thanks to Ann Murray, my Irish poet-friend whom I hope to meet one day. You can find more of her lovely poems on her blog here.

Mother Mary, Mother Mine

Mother of the Son of God
Mother of the Eternal Word
Mother of the child divine
Mother Mary, Mother mine.

Mother of Immanuel
Mother of the child of light
Mother of the sun and stars
Mother of the day and night.

Mother chaste and Mother pure
Mother meek and Mother mild
Listen to my prayer and pleading
As a mother heeds her child.

Listen to a world that’s weeping
Bring to Jesus all our sighs
Change hard hearts to glad hearts beating
As our many voices rise.

We who are your earthly children
Look to you in heaven above
Ask of you a Mother’s blessing
Find in you a Mothers love

The window is in St Patrick's Church, Cushendun, Co. Antrim

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Veritas said...

Thanks, Heidi, for this post. I just love the window - no matter how many times I look at, I never tire of it.