Thursday, February 21, 2008

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My wonderful husband worked into the wee hours this morning to get our website updated, and included an online store where you can pre-order Behold Your Mother. There has been an exciting new development ... preorder as many copies as you want by March 15, and shipping for the entire order (not just the first copy) is free! Whether you order one or ten, just pay $10 per book, and we'll cover all shipping charges. (Includes orders in continental U.S. only).

If you want it autographed, just send me a note and let me know whose name you want printed inside. Thanks!

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MikeF said...

Would you permit a small SEO suggestion? - something I found helped my own rankings for The Mercy Site almost overnight. If your husband changes the TITLE from (open tag)title(close tag)Home(open tag)/title(close tag) to something like (open tag)title(close tag) - Publications and Editorial Services - Home(open tag)/title(close tag) I'm sure you'd find it helps out of all proportion.

Of course you replace (open tag) etc. with the correct angle brackets - Blogger won't accept my writing the code out in full - it thinks it's supposed to use the HTML for its own formatting, and it can't use the TITLE tag, so it thorws it out ;-)

Every blessing - and prayers for your excellent venture!