Monday, February 25, 2008

Image of Mary: Mother of the Stressed

Today I was checking out the nominations for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards and came across this phenominal website about the Blessed Mother called "Our Lady's Tears." One of Sanctus Belle's recent posts, entitled "Mother of the Stressed," I thought was particularly insightful. She writes:

"Why is it that so many women work full time, have homes, families and they handle it so much better than me?" (I only work a mere 20 hours a week btw) He chucked and said "The majority of professionals take antidepressants" You know what? He's right....I don't take any medication and so from time to time I get "stressed out" trying to meet everybody's needs. Thankfully this tends to be short lived, but tough in the midst of it.(sigh)

"Lord I pray not for a lesser burden in this life, but rather a stronger back with which to bear it. Help me to find balance so that I may love You, know You, serve my neighbor and You better. Amen+"


Sanctus Belle said...

Thank you for the mention on your fine blog. I am feeling better by the way! God bless you and may Mary's prayers go with you always!

Dianna said...

thanks for posting is just what I needed today.