Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Motherhood Changes You

Suzanne from Blessed Among Men shares a reflection of Mary's motherhood that is fitting for all of us to consider, especially during Advent, when we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child.

Here's a snippet:
As Catholics, and especially during this season of expectation and nativity, we honor the motherhood of Mary. She was the mother not of a "blob of tissue" before His birth and not simply of a human nature after His birth. Mary, the Church affirmed in the early centuries and for the preservation of the true faith, is the mother of a person as all mothers are mothers of persons. Mary is blessed among women and a mother to us all because that person is the second Person of the Divine Trinity, the Word of the Father, the First Born into the resurrection, the God man, Jesus Christ, who saved us all from death and offers us eternal life. And there is the hope. In Him, all can find healing. In Him, all are changed.
Do go read the entire thing.