Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Saving Rosary

Growing up in the Catholic world of upstate New York, I was introduced to all the lovely gifts of Catholic prayer. The rosary was one that I never really enjoyed due to the time it took to sufficiently pray it, however, my grandmother, (many years gone now) taught me something that I didn't understand until being a mother myself.

My grandmother had 5 children, the twins were always into something, good or bad...typical. My mother told me that every time they got into a fix, my grandmother would run to the bathroom downstairs and pray the rosary, then come out later to see how it all turned out. We would laugh about this silly practice. However, I still have my twin uncles, both in one piece, along with the other siblings.

Always a reader, I remember reading about a man who would come home every day during his lunch hour, go upstairs to his room and pray the rosary before eating his lunch and returning to work. He did this for years for his children. The article went on to report that all of his children have since made good life choices, most have gone into the religious life and one married well and had healthy children. Years of prayer seen in fruition.

Another story of the rosary that I read was about a woman who would wake up every morning earlier than her family and quietly, in the dark of dawn, pray the rosary. She talked about how this routine gave her strength and courage that she didn't have before. Praying the rosary each morning didn't "make the day go without problems or difficulties, but it did make her stronger in dealing with them." Makes you think, doesn't it?

From all that I have read, the proof of saving prayer, is exactly what my grandmother taught me so many years ago, that if we fly to her (Mother Mary) in faith, she takes care of us. Totus Tuus!