Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A prayer for journeying...

Image credit: I found this icon on this iconography website of the Augusta State University. This site identifies the image as being from Giotto's Arena Chapel Frescoes (c.1305).

Mother Mary, in your haste to get ready,
how much did you have to leave behind?
No coolers, no GameBoys, no Sippy Cups.
Just a parcel of gold, frankensense, and myrrh
And your husband's sturdiest donkey
And a whispered prayer that one day
You might return.

Lovely Mary, you kept your Child quiet,
offered your breast when He stirred
and did not draw back when, jostled, He bit down.
No Dairy Queens, no Ho-Jos, and no Comfort Inn
Broke the horizon with proffered relief.
Just your husband and his walking stick,
A murmured plea for direction
And safety.

Holy Mary, Mother of Travelers,
Please pray for us.