Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of an Era

Yesterday I read the final post of Sherry Antonetti, a fellow blogger who has decided that, for personal reasons, she needs to stop blogging in order to focus on more immediate, pressing needs. I'll miss Sherri, especially her humor and her wisdom.

And yet, her post also inspired me to write this. For some time now I've had the sense that I need to simplify my current "engagement schedule" in order to make room for other things I should be doing (from washing the kitchen floor to getting ready for my podcast). Now that BYM has been out for almost two years, I've decided to conclude this tribute -- though it will remain here for anyone seeking a little encouragement or information about the Blessed Mother.

Thank you, readers. If ever you'd like to see what is going on at the Saxton house, be sure to check out "Mommy Monsters," which I will continue to update periodically. However, my primary blogging platform will be "Extraordinary Moms Network."
I leave you now with a few of my favorite "Mary links."

Sarah Reinhard's column series at Today's Catholic Woman
Cool quotes about Luther and the Blessed Mother at "Solus Christus"

Assorted blog posts about the Blessed Mother at "BlogFlux". There are so many other wonderful tributes out there about her going up all the time, a search engine really is your best bet!

Under the mercy,