Friday, April 17, 2009

Mary Links

You have a lot to do, I know. Even so, I can't resist sharing two fantastic Mary-related links I came across in the last two weeks.

Among Women
“Among Women” is a podcast that celebrates the beauty and grace that women experience in their Catholic Faith and Life. We hope this “faith-sharing” program will be "faith building" ...inspiring women in their call to holiness by drawing closer to Christ and the Catholic Church, by living lives of prayer and loving service.

Mary, the Mother of God, is the patron. And if you are looking for an audio cup of tea and fine company, well then, this is the podcast for you!

Mary's Project
I heard about this gem on the SaintCast and when I looked up, just a minute ago, I saw that I had lost ten minutes! It's a fabulous compilation of Marian links, catechesis, resources, and articles.